Just call us the little bookshop that could. For over 30 years, we've been providing beautiful Thomasville, Georgia, and the surrounding areas with a curated selection of books and gifts designed to enrich the lives of our customers and readers. We're dedicated to the simple, Southern life; to good books and stories and conversations.

The Team

Annie B. Jones

owner + Managing Partner

After five years as a corporate writer and editor, Annie began living her very own Kathleen Kelly dream, coming on board in 2013 as co-owner and managing partner for The Bookshelf. She and her husband Jordan moved from nearby Tallahassee, Florida, and now -- along with their dog Junie B. -- call downtown Thomasville home. Annie loves chatting with fellow readers about what book currently resides on their nightstands, and she relishes in acting as the store's very own Nancy Drew, determined to help customers find exactly the book they're hunting for.



Born in Montreal, Canada, and raised in West Africa, Magali's family finally settled down near Atlanta, which threw Magali and her four brothers for a confusing loop! Reading was a family activity; the best memories are of her oldest brother reading books out loud to the siblings, entertaining everyone with his voices for each character. Magali studied Dance and Anthropology at UGA, where she met her husband, Wes, who is an amazing chef and a Thomasville native. They moved to Thomasville in October of 2015 with their dog, Scotch. Typically a fan of classics, Magali was a preschool teacher for a year and a half and has recently fallen back in love with books for children. Since she grew up with brothers, comic books are a guilty pleasure.  



A lifelong Floridian, Ashley just moved back home to Tallahassee after a stint in Alabama pursuing her degree in English from Faulkner University. Post-graduate life led her to The Bookshelf, where she helps coordinate events and local author signings. When she's not reorganizing the regional section or discovering new, independently-published authors, Ashley can be found playing with her dachshunds or planning her next trip to the coast. 


inventory coordinator + PODCAST CO-HOST

A South Florida native, Chris has always lived a little bit more inside of books than he has in the real world. He has two degrees in English and is currently pursuing his PhD in Medieval Studies at Florida State, where he teaches composition and literature courses. Chris’s favorite books are mostly classics of the British persuasion, but he also enjoys scifi and fantasy, narrative non-fiction, philosophy, and comic books, and is always eager to make a personal recommendation. He plays "cat mom" to his new kitten, Margery, and is constantly trying to manage the allergies that come with her.




Born in Philadelphia and raised in Southwest Florida, Maddie is completing her undergraduate degree from Florida State University. She is studying English Literature and History and wants to pursue English in graduate school. When she graduates, she hopes to work as a book editor. Maddie enjoys high fantasy, science fiction, and literary fiction. When she isn’t reading, she is probably watching reruns of Firefly or Buffy. She loves punny t-shirts about her favorite books and movies. She also loves a great cup of coffee.

Susie Butterworth


Everyone needs a mother, and Annie happens to have a really lovely one. Every week, Susie makes the drive up from Tallahassee to offer her expertise in the store. A retired preschool teacher turned children's minister and curriculum writer, Susie knows her way around the children's department, and you can see her creative handiwork all over the shop. (Store windows and tabletop displays are her specialty.) Each January and July, Susie and Annie head to market in Atlanta together, where they search up and down for the perfect product to accompany the books they love.