Books from your favorite indie, delivered right to your door! We relaunched our book-a-month program this September, and now we're featuring new released titles chosen by your favorite shop staffers. Annie, Ashley, Chris, Madison, and Kate have selected their favorite new releases for each month, and you can have one shipped to you!

Members can sign up for 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions; just let us know which staffer your tastes are most like -- or ask us to surprise you! For example, select Annie's subscription, and you'll receive Annie's choices each month. Request a surprise box, and we'll keep your personal tastes in mind when sending one of that month's staff's selections your way. 


here's what you can expect... 

...from annie

If you follow our shop podcast, you know Annie loves literary fiction featuring strong female protagonists. Her monthly selections lean toward strong, literary voices -- including some titles you've probably already heard discussed on air.


...from ashley

Our events coordinator loves well-written memoirs and young adult fiction with compelling characters. Her monthly selections will feature bestselling fiction and books you've had on your TBR list.

...from madison

Maddie is our staff member who's most on top of literary trends and what's hot right now. Her monthly picks include a couple of debut novelists and gritty fiction, occasionally with a sci-fi twist. 


...from Kate

Kate's selections consist of fantasy, historical fiction, and nonfiction, with a focus on world-building and mesmerizing characters. You'll recognize a few of the authors she's got on her list.

...from chris

You'll get big-name authors of literary fiction from Chris, but don't expect strict realism. While Annie's picks may favor contemporary family drama, Chris's will skew toward the supernatural, but in a way that still feels "normal." Mostly.



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