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Are you a local author? This is for you.

Thank you for your interest in The Bookshelf carrying your book or hosting an event. Please bear in mind we receive multiple requests every week, so it’s not always possible to accommodate every author, but we will do our best!

Here are some guidelines we’ve developed which help us decide which books to carry on our shelves. The health of our shop requires these guidelines be met; please do not ask for special consideration. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! 


  • The book and its content must be pertinent to our community

  • The book must be newly published, ideally no more than 6 months old

  • The book must be packaged properly: We look at price, writing & editing quality, cover design, binding, and the general packaging. We do not accept books that do not have the title and author on the spine (no spiral binding)

  • The author/publisher website must link to or

  • Sales terms: If you are a self-published author, we will sell your book on consignment at a 60/40 split, and the books must be returnable. We will review the sales quarterly and determine if the book should be kept on the shelf. In our experience, self-publishing outfits do not allow for reseller discounts, so please decide on whether you are willing to take a loss on supplying the books.


  • Events are ideally booked a minimum of two-to-three weeks in advance to allow for proper publicity.

  • Co-promotion: We book authors we feel will be able to effectively co-promote the event. Priority is given to local authors and authors with significant local contacts. We expect the author to self-promote this event to all their contacts and especially to the target audiences of the book. In return, The Bookshelf will get the information out via social media, plus we will feature the event in-store and in our e-newsletter.

  • Attendance: When turnout is poor, it’s not only embarrassing for the author, it means the bookstore has lost one of a finite number of event slots we depend on to generate sales. To avoid this, we set up author signings for Saturday afternoons when foot traffic is at its best and other events are occurring throughout the store. We also encourage multi-author events when appropriate.

  • Shelf Talks + Signings. These evening events are scheduled by us and are reserved for authors who are well-known in our community or who are published through a major publishing company.

If you feel your book fits these requirements and you want to schedule a book signing or have your book in our store, please take a look at our Author Consignment Program brochure and fill out a consignment application. Applications can be sent to our local author coordinator, Elin McGregor. We're happy to help in any way!