Five on Friday with Olivia deBelle Byrd.

Join us in welcoming Olivia deBelle Byrd to The Bookshelf for a Shelf Talk and Signing tomorrow from 1-3pm! She will be featuring her newest novel, Save My Place (the perfect Southern novel for our sweet town of Thomasville), and so kindly agreed to chat with us today for our Five on Friday post. 

What are you currently reading? The End of Innocence by Allegra Jordan. It is a wonderful love story of two Harvard students who fall in love on the eve of World War I and face a world at war on opposing sides. At a recent trade show, I was on a war panel with Allegra. She is a delight and the book is brilliant. Now, why a Southern humorist and self-proclaimed Southern belle like myself was on a WAR panel is another story!

How many books do you normally read at a time? I only read one book at a time from beginning to end and I read for details. I want it all! Once I start a good book, I am lost to the world. When my children were little, I didn't dare start a book until they went to bed or they might end up playing in traffic!

Bookmarks or rabbit ears? Definitely bookmarks, especially since they have such clever ones now. Being a devoted traveler, my favorite is a gift from my daughter that says: She Who Loves to Travel : Her passport is always current and the best time of her life is when she's packed and ready to go!

Write in a book or keep it pristine? A book is a friend to me, so if it says something I want to remember or that moves me, I highlight it or make notes.

What's next on your list to read? After my heavier read above, I will be ready for something light. Being a Southern humorist myself, I have fallen in love with Lisa Patton's books. Yankee Doodle Dixie is my next read, which follows Lisa's Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter (don't you just love those titles)!

We hope to see you (and a few friends) tomorrow in the 'shop for our annual Downtown Thomasville sidewalk sale (10-5pm), story time (11-12pm), and our Shelf Talk & Signing with Olivia (1-3pm)! 

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