A Curated Collection: Fall 2014.

When we launched our new website this summer, we went from offering all of our book inventory online to offering next to nothing on the web. The shift was necessary, mostly because -- as I mentioned back then -- it was costing us a pretty penny to keep our inventory online, and it simply wasn't worth it. (Amazon and all that jazz.) 

I knew, though, it was important to have an online presence, to offer online readers and faraway customers at least part of the independent bookstore experience we offer in person. And yes, I think we do that through our new website, our blog, our Facebook page, our Instagram, and our podcast -- and I think we do a pretty good job.

But I still wanted to give online fans a chance to see some of what we actually offer in the store: our favorite book recommendations, pretty product, and book-ish gift ideas. I wanted to offer customers more than a picture, I wanted to give them an option to buy, to both support our small business and to find a unique book or gift for themselves or a friend. 

After much brainstorming, we've decided to begin offering a seasonal collection of curated goods: gifts and books our staff has handpicked to offer both in stores and online. The product will change out with the season; in December, we'll show you our favorite holiday selections, and in January, we'll introduce the winter collection. 

Today, though, we're launching our Fall Curated Collection, featuring:

- a beautiful, Thomasville-inspired Herschel tote bag

- cozy wool scarves

- 2015 author calendar by One Canoe Two

- signed copies of Picking Cotton, our town's One Book selection

Soup Night, the perfect cookbook for inspiring community gatherings

- Rifle Paper Co. stationery sets and recipe boxes

Lila by Marilynne Robinson

- 5" x 7" Georgia state prints

You can view the entire collection on our shop page; each item is available for purchase online (we'll ship straight to your door!) or in the store -- if you're a local, just call us to place your order. 

We think this is the next step in offering friends The Bookshelf experience online; we hope you love the concept as much as we do. Happy shopping!


Annie JonesComment