Five on Friday with Katie Gentry.

The Bookshelf has always been proud to carry a variety of Etsy sellers in our shop; it's a joy to feature locally-made, handmade products alongside the books we love, so we're happy to feature bean bag and teepee creator Katie Gentry! Katie will also be in the shop on Saturday, November 29  for an Etsy Trunk Show. From 2:00-4:00, see her wares prettily displayed in the shop; snag an adorable, washable beanbag chair for the little reader in your life -- they're perfect for story times!

What are you currently reading? I'm reading the book of Exodus and sewing teepees!  No time for other reading right now.  I finished reading The Thornbirds a little bit ago.  I loved it!  I loved the adventure and open land :)

Write in a book or keep it pristine? Nothing about me is pristine!  I don't usually write in fiction books just because I don't feel the need.  I usually write in non-fiction books to help me recall facts or remember points.

Where do you like to go for inspiration? A lot of inspiration for my product comes from my customers and friends! 

Which product (that you create) is your favorite? The teepees are my favorite!  I have a degree in child development and I worked in the hospital with children during my professional career as a Child Life Specialist.  Play was the focus of my job!  Play to learn, play to express emotion, play to teach and play to just play!  Play is so important for children, especially the opportunity to do dramatic play or pretend play and to be in charge of it!  I am thankful to be able to make a product that encourages pretend play for younger ones and provides a quaint place for reflection and/or reading for older ones.  It makes my heart happy!

As an Etsy seller, where is the farthest place that your products have been sent? Scottsdale, AZ to a friend from high school.  How fun is that?  You have history class together and never think that 18 years later you'll make her daughter a teepee :)  It was one of the most meaningful ones I've done!

We hope to see you on Saturday, November 29 from 2-4pm for Katie's Etsy Trunk Show!

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