Five on Friday with CJ Hauser.

Choose to shop local this holiday season! November 29 is nationally-recognized Small Business Saturday and Indies First day, celebrations of local, independently-owned shops. To celebrate Indies First, we're hosting two local authors in the shop, but they'll be doing more than just signing copies of their books. They'll be making book recommendations to shoppers, sharing their favorite titles, and hanging out behind the register -- they'll even wrap a gift or two! And we are honored to announce that CJ Hauser will be one of two!

What are you currently reading? I'm reading Leslie Jamieson's The Empathy Exams, which is an intense and lovely essay collection that came out this year about pushing the limits of how much we are able to feel for others.  I'm also "reading" (aka listening to the audio book of...) Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, which is smart and engaging and making me laugh at myself on a daily basis. 

How many books do you normally read at a time? I'm a bit of a nut in this respect...I'm usually reading one fiction book and one non-fiction book at a time. Lately though? I'm getting my PhD so I'm usually reading one book for pleasure, listening to one book for pleasure when I'm in the car or walking around campus, and then I have another two books I'm reading for my classes every week, as well as a draft of a book by one of my fellow writers I'm tackling... and then of course I'm re-reading the novels and stories I'm teaching my students too. You know, I never realized how crazy that sounded til I typed it out right now? Needless to say the "currently reading" pile next to my bed is of structurally unsound height. 

Bookmarks or rabbit ears? Both! I use paper bookmarks from my favorite bookshops to keep track of my place, and I dog-ear pages that have passages that I love and will want to find again later. Hey, also: you say rabbit-ear and I say this a strange regional difference? Do only Yankees dog-ear things?

Write in a book or keep it pristine? If you asked just about anyone whether I kept my books pristine they would laugh at you. I have done book-spine-breaking demonstrations in front of my students that caused mass cringing. My boyfriend looks like he's going to pass out when I plonk drippy coffee cups or half-eaten peaches on open book pages. It's in my reader DNA though-- I can't change.

What's next on your list to read? 2 AM at The Cat's Pajamas by the incomparable Marie Helene-Bertino is been calling my name. 

See you tomorrow for Shop Small Saturday to meet CJ Hauser (she'll be there from 11-1pm)!


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