Thanksgiving + Traditions.

Well, well, happy Thanksgiving.  If your day is anything like mine, it will involve a fair amount of turkey and then some sort of physical activity in order to work off some of the day's copious caloric intake.

Thanksgiving, despite the recent push towards commercialization, is such a special holiday.

One day a year we gather together out of sheer lover for each other--not because Aunt Sarah gives the best gifts or because your Great Uncle Gerald has decided to begin dispersing his life savings pre-mortem to those attending the festivities.

Family, food, and fellowship...These are focuses of Thanksgiving.  Oh, and being thankful... That's a bit important too. ;)

Our extended family is rather spread out.  Every year we always make the trip that crosses through three states. The trip is quite a whirlwind, nevertheless, it is one of the highlights of my year.

On one side of the family, after Thanksgiving dinner we play games and hang out around the table--lots of laughs are involved.  Meanwhile, the various pie pans lie wait in the sink calling out to some fear-filled victim whose responsibility it will be to wash them.  

Boy, we go through some serious pie.

At the other Thanksgiving celebration, the day starts outside.  A big meal takes place in the afternoon.  Then, later as the turkey takes its toll and our insulin is working double time, we veg.  Really healthy, right? No.  

Inevitably, by six o'clock, every chair is filled with a body and a book....  I think it may be some sort of fad, this reading thing. 

Earlier this week, I was looking through my shelves at home and trying to decide which book I'd bring.  I finally decided on bringing an childhood favorite, Little Women.

What about you? What are you reading after the feast?  

See you soon at The Bookshelf!


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