Five Reasons to Give Books this Holiday.

1. A book is the gift that keeps on giving.

Now I myself am guilty of being a stingy reader so if you give me a book, you’re going to have to be pretty convincing order to borrow it.  However, not everyone is as fiercely possessive of their reading materials as I am.  Give a book, play your cards right, and chances are you’ll get the opportunity to read it too.  Win/win. 

2. It’s a great conversation topic.

Got a relative that you can never seem to find anything to talk to about?  Give them a book you love, and voila!  Problem solved.  Next holiday/family reunion you can both wax eloquent on character development and hotly debate the author’s choice to kill off the protagonist. 

3. Reading makes people smarter.

Research has proven time and time again that reading has a positive effect on intelligence.  When you give a book, you aren’t just handing someone meaningless words printed on paper, you’re actually presenting them with an opportunity to become an even more amazing person than they already are!  Check out this article on how reading improves crystallized, fluid, and emotional intelligence.

4. We make it simple.

Readers can be notoriously particular in their selections.  But not to worry, your faithful Bookshelf staff has compiled a list of drool-worthy books for every type of reader in your acquaintance from the anglophile to the college student.  Still don’t see what you’re looking for?  Just ask one of us behind the counter for some recommendations.  We’ve all spent a lot of time reading this year and have plenty of opinions to share!  (This point could also be used on another list entitled: “Why Buying Local Trumps Online Shopping.”) 

5. Books can take you anywhere.

Reading a book is like owning a wormhole that will transport you anywhere you like from wherever you are in no time flat.  Whether you're looking for a distraction, an escape, an education, or just to be swept up, a book can do it all.  Pretty powerful gift, when you stop to think about it.  So this year as Christmas draws ever closer and you're scrambling for those few last-minute gifts, be stumped no longer!  Give books.  They won't be disappointed.  


Annie JonesComment