A gift guide for the graduate, from the graduate.

A little note from Annie: It's graduation time again -- can you believe it? -- so I thought it would be fun to invite our sales clerk and events coordinator Hannah to borrow the blog today. Why's Hannah the perfect girl to blog about graduation gifts? She happens to be graduating this weekend.


This is the time of year when people are scrambling like crazy to find the perfect gift for their grad. Often times this scrambling happens at the last minute, quickly escalating into a stressful and often unsuccessful experience.

This is where I come in.

Yep, I am here to help you. You, sir. I have compiled a list of my top eight picks for graduation gifts. How do I know what a high school grad would want? Well, let me tell you -- as of May 3, 2014, I will officially be a high school graduate! So let's do this together.

For everyone: One Canoe Two’s Recipe Cards. I absolutely love these! Why not send your grad off to college with a collection of your favorite tried and true recipes? It’s perfect. Eventually everyone gets tired of ordering pizza, and when they do, they’ll be thanking you! Trust me.

For the adventurous one: 1,000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz.

For the wanna-be Parisian foodie: The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris by Patricia Wells. Because everyone wants to study abroad in Paris. For. The. Food.

For the chic girl with everything: These dainty necklaces. I love these necklaces. Love them. Not only are they adorable and go with simply EVERYTHING, but they are also dipped in 24K gold and sterling silver. What better way to say I love you than with a necklace that won’t turn her neck green? Get her one. Did I mention we provide free gift wrapping?

For the couch potato: 99 Things to Do by A.D. Jameson. This will get him away from the xbox and back into civilization.

For the one you’re a bit concerned about living on his own: Life Skills: How To Do Almost Anything from the Chicago Tribune. This book has instructions on everything your grad might possibly need to know. Need to unclog a drain in a pinch? This book will tell you how. This book is the equivalent of sending your son to college with a housekeeper. Ok, maybe not quite. But, at least now he’ll know how to keep his house in order and deal with any minor social or household emergencies.

For every male graduate: The Art of Manliness by Brett and Kate McKay. My family acquired this gem of a book a few years back. Not only is it a very useful etiquette and classic skills manual (it even includes modern social media and text messaging), The Art of Manliness is quite possibly the funniest book I have ever read! This is my top gift pick for any and every male.So, go ahead, buy it for him. After he reads it, he’ll thank you for it. Manners were never so fun.

For every female graduate: Manners by Kate Spade. I’m a big fan of Kate Spade’s work. Her Manners is no exception. This book has instructions on the appropriate conduct in nearly every social situation. It also includes numerous tips on the important lost art of etiquette, like writing thank you notes (yes, they still are important). This book is super witty and so, so, so helpful.

Anyhow, this wraps up my list. I hope you enjoyed it! See you soon at The Bookshelf!

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