Give me summer, give me books.

"Reading does things — to the brain, heart and spirit — that movies, television, video games and the rest of it cannot." So says New York Times writer Frank Bruni, and so we believe, especially around this time of year, when the kids are out of school and itching for things to do. There is just something about a book, something that gets their brain and their heart pumping, that gets the imagination going, that transports kids from where they are to where they want to be. We love that about books; we believe in it.

This summer, encourage your kids to join The Bookshelf's summer reading program. We're hosting a launch in-store this Saturday, May 31, to pass out book logs and suggested reading lists, and sure -- we'd love for you and your kids to purchase books this summer at The Bookshelf, but really? This is about helping kids discover a love of reading (something we're all pretty passionate about over here).

We'll even have suggested reading lists to help you and your children find the perfect books for their summer. We've been busy compiling our staff favorites, plus the award winners, and the books selected as "must reads" by schools and libraries across the country. Every child should be able to find a book they can fall in love with. (No required reading here; our goal is to just get the books they like and want to read into their hands.)

And yes, we'll have suggestions for readers right on up to teenagehood, but our program this summer is focused on kids from 5 to 12. Kids who read 5 books this summer and fill out a book log will receive a prize package from The Bookshelf; 10+ books, and the rewards get a little bit more significant. So join us this Saturday, May 31, as we get ready to read together this summer. (Can't make it on the 31st? Pick up your child's reading log in-store any day after June 1.)

Annie JonesComment