Meet the communications specialist.

As you wander into your favorite local book shop looking to read, relax, and explore you just might find a new smiling face ready to say hello and anxious to discover your favorite books… this curly blonde always donned in glasses and a cardigan would be me, Sidney Webb, The Bookshelf's new Communications Specialist!


My husband, Eric Daniel (E.D.), and I made Thomasville our home this past June and have been in love ever since. E.D. is interning with Archbold Hospital for his third and forth year of Medical School with Florida State, so be on the look out and feel free to say hello to his scrubbed-in self!

Having moved from Tallahassee, E.D. and I both completed our undergrad's at Florida State University. Although, as I began my journey of undergrad, I quickly discovered that I had zero idea of what to do with my life—aka a parent's worst nightmare. But after five declaration of major changes (Chemistry to Education to Sociology to Psychology to English) and three short years, I graduated with a degree in English: Editing, Writing, and Media. Having a love of words, thanks to my librarian mama, and a love of technology, thanks to my telecommunications dad, the degree seemed as if it was tailor-made. And I feel the same way about my new position here at The Bookshelf.

So what will you be doing? I will be running all social media accounts, helping coordinate the events we all enjoy, and will be present in the store to help you in any way needed (unless you wanted to witness a juggling act, for woe is me, I cannot).


But are you a big reader? My family and friends would give a hearty chuckle at this question, concluding that someone was clearly making a joke— as my nose is promptly placed within the pages of a book more often than not. Currently I am reading The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith, the first installment of the Cormoran Strike series, and am loving it. If you have not had the pleasure of reading this crime fiction masterpiece— please stop everything you are doing, locate your car keys (this is always a struggle for myself), and drive to The Bookshelf to pick up a copy. It is absolutely wonderful! And the author is actually a pseudonym; J.K. Rowling is the true author of this series. What! Can I get a shout out from all of my Harry Potter fans. This book will leave you staying up way past your bedtime unable to stop turning pages. Next I will be reading The Silkworm, the second text in the series just released this past June. 

I truly cannot express how excited and thankful I am to join The Bookshelf team. This store is truly a gem within our wonderful town of Thomasville and I'm quite eager to make your acquaintance (the sooner the better, so I hope you can come visit us shortly)!


Sidney CB Webb

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