Five on Friday With Jackie Cooper

Join The Bookshelf and the Thomas County Public Library for their regional author event, Reader Meet Writer tomorrow morning at 10am! Over twenty authors from North Florida and South Georgia will sign and sell copies of their latest books and mingle with event attendees. Last year's Reader Meet Writer was a huge success, and we're ready to make this year's even better!

Today we interviewed the talented Jackie Cooper for Five on Friday! Jackie (author of Memory's Mist, Back to the Garden, and many more) will be our master of ceremonies for Reader Meet Writer this Saturday.

What are you currently reading? MURDER 101 by Faye Kellerman. Faye Kellerman is the wife of writer Jonathan Kellerman and is just as talented as he. She writes a series of books that feature Detective Peter Decker and his wife Rina. I have been a fan of these characters for many years and each time I read Faye Kellerman she gets better.

How many books do you normally read at a time? One. I am a consecutive reader and try to read a couple of book each week. Since I review books for "The Huffington Post I have to keep each book clear in my head.

Bookmarks or rabbit ears? Bookmark. When my last book MEMORY'S MIST was published by Mercer University Press they gave me hundreds of bookmarks to advertise it. So keep a couple of bookmarks on hand at all time (and use them). I have never been a person who dogeared pages. I have too much respect for the book to do that.

Write in a book or keep it pristine? Pristine. Again out of respect for the book and the author. I make notes on  a pad as I read, but not in the book.

What's next on your list to read? A Life Intercepted by Charles Martin. First off, Charles is a friend of mine and I greatly respect his talent. Advance reviews call this one of his best books and that will be very good indeed.

We hope to see you tonight as The Bookshelf will be open until 7pm and tomorrow at the Thomas County Library for Reader Meet Writer 2014!

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