Fall is coming, I can feel it.

The Bookshelf’s First Friday Fall Bash (October 3rd) is coming up in just over a week!!! I am super pumped about it!

Fall is my favorite time of year—I love watching the leaves change color, sipping Pumpkin Spice Latte’s from Grassroots,  walking around town with the breeze blowing against my face, the slight chill telling of the winter to come that *forces* me to wear scarves, and of course curling up with a good book.  What’s not to love about fall?

All these things, and plenty more, give us reason to celebrate fall.  

SO, let me tell you about what’s going down at The Bookshelf’s Fall Bash….

Masquerade.  Yep.  You read that right.  Come dressed (and acting) as your favorite book character, partake in trying to figure out who other attenders are masqueraded as, eat some candy corn, annnnnndddddd get 10% off your evening book purchases just for participating!!! 

It’s going to be an absolute blast!!! 

And, I bet you can’t guess who I’m masquerading as…..

Tickets to the One Book event will be going on sale that night.  So, come get them while they last!

One Book is going to be phenomenal, an event you definitely don’t want to miss…

Here’s to warm drinks, the fall breeze, orange leaves, and books! See you soon at The Bookshelf!


Annie JonesComment