Five on Friday with Prissy Elrod


Today we chatted with Thomasville favorite Prissy Elrod, author of Far Outside the Ordinary. Our very own Annie B. Jones states the following about the novel, "I know I mentioned how beautiful your book cover was… but I had no idea just how beautiful the inside of your book would be. I come across a lot of self-published books and authors thanks to my work with the store, but yours stands out among the crowds. I was absolutely blown away by your talent, and by the bittersweet power of your story. Thank you for sharing it with us!"

What are you currently reading? Currently, I am reading I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes, which is a nail biter. A girlfriend handed it to me and said I had to read it that night! I love those kind of suggestions.

How many books do you normally read at a time? There are many times I will read two or three books at the same time. Friends recommend one and I want to be able to give my review should I run into them at Publix a few weeks later.  

Bookmarks or rabbit ears? I love to dog ear my books, find a passage and reread it several times. Think about it, reread again. I like to take those beautiful graphic covers off my books and look at the leather cases underneath. Usually, I leave the covers off and stack them neatly, spine out, so I can look at the titles. Weird, I know.

What's next on your list to read? The Accursed by Joyce Carol Oates is next on my list. It was recommended by Dale Julian, owner of Books and Purl in Apalachicola, Florida as one of the best books she has read in a long time. She followed that sentence up, “Of course, with the exception of Far Outside the Ordinary, Prissy”. She is adorable, just like Annie.

Something else we should know about you? Something else about me…strange, yes, probably. I keep all of my favorite books and don’t really like to loan them out, but I will. Let’s face it, the best of the best just forget to return them. If it is a book I love, well, I want it back. Loaning them out is like loaning out your children. I think folks should get their own. They are more enjoyable if you’ve paid for them yourself, perhaps. Maybe you shouldn’t print that. But seriously, as an author I see the value in readers supporting authors and book sellers. If everyone passed one book around to all their friends, how would a book store stay in business? The same is true with an author. It is so flattering to hear how many people have read my book, given to them by one of their friends. I am flattered, happy and thankful they read it and liked it. Truly, that’s how a new book -- especially by a new author -- is moved throughout the country. The power of two: two people tell two people, who tell two people and on and on. BUT, I would be just a bit happier if the book was moved through the independent bookstores, the boutique venues and library’s, and not so much spread within a circle of friends. Authors and artists are not in it to make money but they want the people who showcase their work to be able to…well, showcase their work. They need to keep their lights on and pay their bills. Enough said. Support the independent bookstores and buy your very own book. There is nothing like having one in your hands, folding those ‘doggy ears’ in the corner, then one day, returning to that passage to see what you thought was worth saving at that point in your life.

Next time you find yourself within the Bookshelf (which we hope is quite soon), be sure to pick up Far Outside the Ordinary by the lovely Prissy Elrod! 

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