Gone Girl.

I don't know the last time I was so excited about a film adaptation of a book. 

Last month, I saw If I Stay, but I'd never read the YA novel -- I went purely out of love for my cousin, who asked if I'd go see it with her. And sure, I want to see This Is Where I Leave You, but I actually didn't love the book, so my excitement mostly exists for Tina Fey and the rest of the stellar ensemble cast. (Plus I love a good dysfunctional family drama.)

But Gone Girl

Gone Girl has been on my must-see list since casting was announced over a year ago. I've read Gillian Flynn for ages; she was a favorite of my Tallahassee book club, though I find a lot of her novels to be darker than I typically enjoy. I purchased and read Gone Girl the week it came out -- ironically on recommendation of then-Bookshelf Midtown manager Betsy Jones. Hype had already begun for the book, even in its first week of publication, and I knew I needed to read it, ASAP. 

I finished the book in a matter of hours. (Thank you, Betsy, times a million.) 

The novel is still one of The Bookshelf's most popular titles; it went a full two years before finally being released in paperback this summer, and it's still flying off of our shelves. The book generated buzz from day one, and I know: Not everyone's a fan. Too dark, not literary enough. People either love or loathe the ending. 

But I've read Gillian Flynn, and I think this was one of her best. It's smart and gripping, and I like books that suck me right in. 

I think there's this prevailing idea that books (or movies, or music) that generate hype don't deserve the praise; this hipster mentality that if something is popular, it can't be good. What a disappointing hypothesis to live by! I'm stand firmly in the camp that Gone Girl is everything you'd want in a thriller; it's got twists and turns and -- I happen to think -- a pretty darn good ending. 

The book may not be for everyone, but it was for me, and I always recommend it to customers who enjoy suspense novels but who, for one reason or another, haven't read it yet. 

Friday, the movie releases, and I'm crossing my fingers for an opening-weekend viewing. I think casting Ben Affleck is brilliant (who better to play Nick, who falls somewhere on the scale between arrogant jerk and likeable good ol' boy), and I trust David Fincher's judgment completely. (Didn't you love what he did with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?)

To celebrate Gone Girl's debut on the big screen, we're hosting a giveaway this week. We've kept one, lone hardback copy of the book on reserve for just this occasion, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for your chance to win. (My hardback copy sits proudly on my fiction shelf at home.)

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