Five on Friday.

Happy Friday wonderful readers! Today we interviewed Annie B. Jones, owner of The Bookshelf, for our first Five on Friday post.

What was the last book you recommended? I've been recommending Martha Woodroof's new novel Small Blessings for the past month -- it's a great book for book lovers, and its underlying romance is sweet but real -- but my new favorite is Tana French's The Secret Place. I don't think there's a better mystery/suspense writer out there. You can read all of her books and never be disappointed. 

Do you have a ritual you have to follow each time you write? I write at my laptop, and I start with music in the background, but quickly turn it off once the creative juices start flowing. (I'm an HSP -- highly sensitive person -- so noise, conversation, etc., throw me off my game! Ridiculous but true.) I also tend to read aloud what I write, while I write. It keeps me focused and lets me know when something doesn't sound quite right. 

What's your favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni. My brother's a vegetarian, but I'm very much a meat-eater. (Though my favorite pizza, it should be mentioned, is Moonspin's Honeymooner Pizza, a white pizza with garlic and ricotta. My husband and I order it every time we go, which is often.)

What is your favorite t-shirt? I love t-shirts that are so old and soft you can almost feel right through them. I've got two t-shirts from high school I love, but I wouldn't dare wear out in public. Too many holes! Instead, then, I'm content to wear a couple of my favorite Sevenly t-shirts out and about town. Sevenly teams up with a different charity each week, designs shirts around that cause or company, then donates proceeds of sales to the charity. Such a neat company, and their shirts are beautifully designed and super soft. Win-win.

What is the number one item on your bucket list right now? I've wanted to visit Prince Edward Island, Canada, since I was a little girl who loved Anne Shirley. The New York Times just published one reporter's visit to the island, and it made me long for a trip all over again. Jordan and I really enjoy traveling together, and I want so badly to experience all the beautiful places L.M. Montgomery depicted in her wonderful books. Jordan, are you reading this? Let's get this off my bucket list already!

Be sure to stop by each Friday as we will be interviewing one lucky reader to answer five quirky questions that gives us the perfect insight to their wonderful character. 

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