January in the year 2015.

Wooooaahhh. Waiiitttt.  Hold up. Pause the music. Actually, don't even pause the music, stop the music. 

How is it even 2015 already? Wasn't it seventy degrees out a couple of weeks ago. Today it's freezing (and rightly so, it's winter time, world--get a grip). 

Anyhow, now is the time to pull out pen and paper and write down a list a of life resolutions. I prefer life resolutions to New Year's resolutions because New Year's resolutions tend to only last through the beginning of the New Year. Life resolutions are a bit more permanent. 

At the very least, one of my resolutions tend to have something to do with reading. This year, I really want to read more nonfiction. I want to acquire a greater scope of knowledge and general understanding of how this world was and how it is now. 

I've always loved the way a great novel draws the reader in. And, although novels can provide great insight into the nature of man they tend not to be as helpful for self education. 

This year I want to pursue an education that even college cannot give me. It is the education of reading as much as I want, about as many topics as I want, for as long as I want, or as short as I want. 

There's a book for nearly every question that we google. This year, rather than get the short answer to "Why did Joan of Arc get burned at the stake?" I want the long answer. I want the details. I want to see how Joan fits into the other history of the time period, her influence on that culture, and Joan's posthumous influence today. 

This New Year and forevermore, I want to see life as a more complete picture rather than isolated events. I want to see how historical events affect society, how new discoveries in science advanced the world, and how ancient ideas continue to churn in the head of man. 

It's off to the shelves for me and time to delve into the literary realm of life past and present. 

Happy New Year!


Annie JonesComment