My Favorite Things

Hello, friends!! 

I can't believe September is already over and that October is halfway there. This time of year hits and it feels like it's nothing but a blur. We had some super awesome things happen this last month and you all were a big part of that by coming out and participating in all of our author signings and events. So to all of you, thank you, we couldn't appreciate you more!

Last month was so full, I didn't get a chance to update you all on some of our cool new inventory. We are getting new things in every day as the holidays approach, so be sure to stay tuned as our shelves are filling up fast!! Not long left before things start flying off them faster than you can blink. 

1.  The Year Of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme




It was my birthday month this month and this was at the top of my wishlist. I am happy to say it is now gracing the shelves of my personal collection. This book is a phenomenal collection of recipes, DIY projects, and really practical life tips all clothed in beautiful photography and charming sentences. I highly recommend it. It's divided into seasons and starts in October so you still have time to start it on time if you pick it up this month!

2. Sweet Tea lip balm by Savannah Bee Company

First of all, I love Savannah Bee Company. I'm a huge fan of buying locally and Savannah Bee Company makes some of the best honey you will ever have. There are so many benefits to local honey and I'm a big believer. That being said, I am a sucker for this lip balm. Perfectly sweet and southern, it's light enough to not feel super greasy and it captures the sweet tea fragrance perfectly. So pleasant.

3. Vegetable chart/poster

I know I've said it before but I love all things green and growing. As soon as I knew we had this guy back in stock, I bought one for me and a friend and sent someone else over to pick one up. It's hanging on my wall right now. We have so many different designs and they make great stocking stuffers for the upcoming season. Definitely something to consider.


4. Belle Calligraphy Set


I was always one of those kids who was a total nerd about handwriting. I would get bored of what mine looked like every six months and change it up. I think I found one of my mom's old calligraphy pens one day and just picked it up for fun. I was horrible at it, but luckily enough, my homeschooling curriculum provided me with a handwriting class down the line and I got a calligraphy pen of my own. I still wouldn't call myself an expert, but there has definitely been improvement. I'm not sure if it's my natural bent toward loving letters or the pretty packaging that draws me to this product, but either way, it's still on my wishlist. It comes with a pen, ink, beautiful cards, and charts on how to write the letters just so. I am expecting these to fly off the shelves this holiday season. 


September was a blur, but a good blur and we wanna thank you all for being a part of it. Don't forget, our holiday hours are now in full swing so you can feel free to stop by till 8:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays since we will be there ready for all our early holiday shoppers and late evening wanderers. Hope you are all well!!

(Don't see your favorite item on my list?? Send me an email and gush, I'd be happy to feature your favorite things on the blog!!)

Till next time, 


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