Why shop Small Business Saturday?

It's no secret what indie bookstores think about Amazon. But how about instead of telling you why not to support folks like Amazon or Books-a-Million or even Barnes and Noble, I tell you why to shop with us (and small businesses like us). 

1. We know your name. And not just in the way certain websites remember your log-in information. We know your name, what you've bought recently, who you're kids are. We remember your faces, and... 

2. ... You know us, too. We're not some faceless machine. We're Annie, Rebekah, Chris, and Sterling -- even our social media is run by a real, live human being. (Kathryn, in case you forgot.) We're familiar faces when you come in the shop, and I'd like to think that's kind of comforting in a world that changes an awful lot. 

3. Shopping here is fun. Sometimes we have cookies, or soup, which means you don't have to shop on an empty stomach. We create pretty displays and creative windows, and all of that artistic effort hopefully makes it really easy for you to find things you love. In what can be a stressful season, we like to think we offer a little bit of a reprieve. Even our holiday music isn't too obnoxious. (Thank Chris -- he's our playlist genius.) 

4. We're for everyone. The Bookshelf isn't just for grown-ups or just for kids. It's for the whole family. We love children's books as much as we love Pulitzer winners, All the Light We Cannot See as much as The Day the Crayons Quit. We have a little something for everyone, which means we really are a one-stop shop, without the mall atmosphere. 

5. There's always something going on. You never have to complain about boredom at The Bookshelf. We host letter writing club and film society and story time and coloring night. We host author signings and shelf talks and silhouette artists. There is never a dull moment at The Bookshelf, which, sure, means a lot of work for us, but a lot of fun for you. 

I know: Shopping online is convenient. Shopping at the mall is fast. But is it worth it? Do you really want to miss out on supporting your community, on boosting your local economy, on sharing in small town dreams? Support small business. Come shop with us this Saturday. We promise we'll make it worth your while.