Galentine's Day.

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Way back in 2010, a little television show called Parks and Recreation introduced the world to a holiday they termed Galentine's Day -- a day devoted to ladies celebrating ladies (complete with waffles, of course). "It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst!" announced the show's protagonist, Leslie Knope, and I was hooked. 

One year later, I hosted my own Galentine's Day celebration at a Tallahassee restaurant. One of my friends caught their menu on fire, but otherwise, it was a really successful evening, and I knew it would be one I'd want to repeat. 

So I did, faithfully, for three years. Every year, I made invitations, cleared out Target's dollar bins, and took my own flowers to various understanding Tallahassee restaurants. I honored the women in my life by serving them breakfast food, and it turns out, Leslie Knope is a genius. There's not much in this life more fun than wearing red and pink and surprising your friends with cheesy gifts they would never purchase for themselves. (Slap bracelets, anyone?)

In 2014, my take on Galentine's Day went global. My friends were spread around the country, so I marched over to the post office and mailed off about ten different packages -- "Galentine's Day in a Box," filled with pink socks, hand lotion, and Valentine's Day candy. Those little packages were a hit, but this year, I decided to be brave. I decided it was time to introduce Galentine's Day to the women of Thomasville. 

Instead of focusing on my friends in the area, I wanted to honor the many female business owners and creatives who make Thomasville such a lovely place to live and work. I didn't want to host Galentine's Day -- I wanted The Bookshelf to. 

This Friday, February 13, from 5 to 7 p.m., we're opening our doors to the lady entrepreneurs of Thomasville. Own your own business or represent one in our area? Galentine's Day at The Bookshelf is for you. It's designed as an evening to "Treat Yo' Self" (thank you, Parks and Rec, for all of your fantastic witticisms). Blush Salon and Spa is acting as a sponsor of the event; they'll be proving free manicures all evening, and we'll raffle off some of their services to some very lucky ladies. We'll have DIY spa stations to make your own bath salts and scrubs, plus we'll be kicking off new chocolate at The Bookshelf, and all your Bookshelf purchases will be 10% off -- it should be the perfect evening.  

Too often, we roll our eyes at Valentine's Day. (I've been guilty, too.) We bemoan this "Hallmark holiday" and forget it's really a celebration with a delightful concept. How wonderful to celebrate the people we love, to have a day devoted to telling them they're important to us. Valentine's Day really shouldn't be about a dozen roses or whether or not you have a significant other in your life. Instead, it should be about honoring the people who make our lives grand. 

Thanks, Leslie Knope, for the pretty wonderful reminder. Happy Galentine's Day (and Valentine's Day!), everyone. 

(Psst... Galentine's Day not your thing? Never fear: We've got a whole line-up of events this week, and we bet you'll love at least one of them!)

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