Writing workshop.

You might not know this about me, but my journey to become a bookseller actually began in a tiny little office at The Florida Bar. I worked as a legal writer and editor for The Florida Bar News and Journal until the Chastains plucked me from semi-obscurity and gave me the opportunity to manage The Bookshelf in Tallahassee. 

I still love writing. It's why I write weekly store emails, why I spend about an hour a week typing out my thoughts to share on this blog. I was the editor of my college and high school newspapers, and I interned for Coastal Living magazine for six months before my college graduation. My two grandfathers were self-published authors, so I have my fingers crossed writing is in my blood. 

More than anything, I believe good writers are good readers, and as your local bookstore, we think we play a pretty important role in a writer's life. We happily host a Thomasville writer's group every Thursday night, and once a year, we partner with the Thomas County Public Library to showcase self-published authors in our area. We host countless regional writers in our store, stocking their books or holding signings when we can. 

Now, we're taking things a step further by bringing a writing workshop to town. 

This Saturday, March 14, writer Jodi Helmer is joining us for a second time in the shop, this time to conduct a workshop for wannabe (or current!) writers. You'll recognize her name; Jodi joined us last summer for the launch of her book Farm Fresh Georgia -- one of our most successful events of 2014 -- and just a couple of months ago, she featured locally-owned Everfan in Entrepeneur magazine. She's a talented author with plenty of credentials, and she's coming back to Thomasville for this special event.  

The workshop is scheduled from 4 to 8 p.m. this Saturday upstairs at The Bookshelf (also known as Everfan headquarters), and we're charging a $25 fee in order to cover some of our costs. We're capping the whole thing at 25 participants in order to keep things a little more fun and intimate, but we've still got spots left, so RSVP today by calling the shop and reserving your place. (Worried about the food situation? I understand. Brown bag dinners will be provided, too!)

So many of our best customers have a passion for writing, and it's my hope you'll join us for our writing workshop on March 14. I believe it's our job at the bookstore to bring activities like this to town, and I hope you'll support us so we can keep showcasing events like this in the shop. 

Register today by calling the store; we'll be happy to put you on the list!

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