Charles Martin's Water from My Heart

The Bookshelf's Shelf Talk + Signing with Charles Martin and his new novel Water from My Heart is this Friday from 6-8pm! Read below for Rebekah's review of Water from My Heart:

Charlie Finn is a self-made man.  On his own at the tender age of sixteen, he breezes through his education with ease, earning a full ride to Harvard due more to his natural intelligence, than any real effort.  Harvard plunges him into the company of the bored and wealthy where he quickly learns to take advantage of those too foolish to know any better.  His gift for reading people takes him from winning high-stakes poker games to working for an unscrupulous business man.  And this eventually leads him to the very lucrative and illegal ventures he runs off the coast of Miami.  

His occupation is a dangerous one, requiring mobility and few attachments.  Always living in the moment, never holding on to anyone or anything, Charlie has everything he could ever want; money, boats, travel, and a life seemingly without consequences.  He’s always kept his distance from people, making an exception only for his friend and business partner, whose family has become like Charlie’s own.  It’s always worked too, living his separate lives…until now. 

When the only ones he actually loves are hurt because of his actions, Charlie is forced to reexamine his life.  What he finds is an empty existence with no lasting impact other than the pain he’s left behind.  His attempt at making things right takes him to South America where even more of his history comes back to haunt him.  In the midst of his painful reckoning, it is a woman and her young daughter who begin to break the walls around his heart. 

This redemptive story prompts self-reflection as it gently tugs on your heartstrings.  Charlie’s journey will move and inspire readers of all ages.

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