Reader Meet Writer.

I've got a special place in my heart for self-published writers. 

Both of my granddads were self-published; their books grace my bookshelves right alongside the classics. Their stories are, in part, my story, and I'm beyond grateful they took the time to write it all down, even if their books never graced a shop's shelves or made a bestseller list. 

Self-published writers can get lost in the shuffle. I know, both because I run a bookstore and because I edited my grandpa's book. I know prettier, sometimes better written books take priority on a store's shelves and endcaps, but sometimes, self-published works unfairly get put by the wayside. They're hard to discover, because they're not always displayed prominently; they don't always get the publicity they deserve. 

Enter our annual authors' fair, Reader Meet Writer. Each year, we partner with the Thomas County Public Library to put on a fair for local, self-published writers. Reader Meet Writer gives these authors the chance to tell about their books; authors can mingle with audience members, and they get designated time to chat about what makes their book unique.

Reader Meet Writer is this Saturday at the library from 10 a.m. until noon; this year, we're featuring 15 authors from Thomasville, Tallahassee, Cairo, and Columbus. Every author will get three minutes to present their book, and they'll each have their own tables with information about their books. Our emcee is local favorite Prissy Elrod, whose own self-published book, Far Outside the Ordinary, made a splash when it was published last year. 

It's not fair that sometimes self-published writers get lost in the shuffle. Reader Meet Writer aims to correct that, and I'd like to think my granddads would be proud. 

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