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  Anyone who has been to The Bookshelf and seen my shelf knows that I'm a foodie. That's pretty well established. And I would like to take a moment to point out my favorite cookbook of 2015 that I admired for months before my sister graciously gifted it to me for Christmas.


  This is a book that makes my little food loving heart beat like crazy. Books like this one excite me. Hartwood Tulum is a restaurant tucked away in Mexico that has a passion for sustainability and food done right. From their massive wood burning oven (that they themselves built) to the outdoor quality of your experience, there is not a detail about this restaurant that doesn't sound magical. Owners Eric Werner and Mya Henry have a passion for food that is fresh and in season, so their menu changes depending on what the land, sea, and markets can provide. Incredibly innovative, and yet entirely simple, each recipe has an authenticity that has been clearly researched and well thought out. I was ready to book my trip to Mexico after the first couple of pages. 

Hartwood nightlife. 

Hartwood nightlife. 

  Most of the books that I own are cookbooks, but I have literally spent hours just reading the pages of this fascinating work of art. Not only do they provide excellent recipes down to how to make the infused oil you cook your meats and vegetables in, they also provide you with a history of how they found themselves in the heart of the Yucatan not knowing the people, the markets, the season, or really much at all. They describe how to season your cast iron and the best ways to pickle pretty much anything. 

  As I sit here, mouth watering over the gorgeous images and vibrant colors of the food on every page, I can't help but remember why I love cooking. It's an art. And one that these people have down to a science. Ask about it at the counter, you won't regret it. It's a wonderful addition to any culinary lover's shelf!!

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