Literary Lineup.

Literary Lineup Winter 2016.png

We're ringing in the new year by bringing back our Literary Lineup. So many folks don't use Facebook or social media as a means of keeping up with their favorite local businesses, and although I personally think it's a great idea to follow us online, our Literary Lineup will now be available in-person, at the register for all of you who (like me) prefer paper. Our monthly Literary Lineup should help you keep track of all the great events we have coming up in the new year, and I hope you'll make it a resolution to come out and support events at your local bookstore!

Speaking of support, thank you so much making this our biggest December yet at The Bookshelf! You came out for Victorian Christmas and book signings; you bought gifts and gift certificates; you tipped us for gift wrapping; you brought us goodies and treats when we'd been on our feet all day. You are the best customers  we could imagine, and our 2015 would not have been as much fun or as successful without you and your continued support! I speak for the entire staff when I say: Thank you. You've made it possible for me to live my dream, and I'm so grateful. 

Annie JonesComment