Social Media to Plate

In anticipation of The Bookshelf's upcoming (sold out!!) Pen to Plate Dinner this Thursday, which I'm sure you're all interested in, I decided to take one night this past week to host my own Pen to Plate with a few close friends. We aptly nicknamed our dinner Social Media to Plate because of my choice to use easy-to-make cooking videos found on the likes of Facebook and Pinterest feeds instead of a cookbookI did so because these videos usually showcase notoriously easy-to-make meals with a cute little twist on tradition (like the no-bake cannoli pie I served). Two things really tied into this: I wanted to try something new and I wanted to accomplish that in the easiest way possible. This is because I am currently living the "college" lifestyle, as I'm sure most everyone is familiar with, and wasn't planning on creating this gourmet dinner for my friends who are accustomed to frozen dinners and fast food, but I also wanted to provide a fun experience for my friends.

For the Social Media to Plate Dinner, I planned my menu around my own personal taste (selfish, I know), but Italian food is always a hit, is it not? (I must admit pasta is my guilty pleasure.) I chose a simple dinner including: cheesy garlic knots, chicken alfredo bake, and no-bake cannoli pie.

That being said, the Social Media to Plate Dinner was a hit with my friends. There were some bumps along the way (i.e. some burned rolls and fingers), but the experience was about so much more than the dinner itself. It was so refreshing to have an intimate gathering that was centered around a new experience (which was me cooking for them - yikes), to share a few laughs and make some memories in the process as well. We had fun! This dinner allowed us to feel a little closer as friends, which coincides with the sense of community that The Bookshelf is promoting through its own Pen to Plate Dinner. While I didn't include a cookbook (Maybe they can search links to the videos I used?), The Bookshelf is including a copy of the cookbook – The Forest Feast Gatherings - used to inspire the dinner being held on Thursday with each ticket purchased. So hopefully you've rounded up a few of your closest friends and bought tickets to join us for our first ever Pen to Plate Dinner; sure to be a fun experience with good food and good friends! Plus, what book lover hasn't wanted to peek inside a bookstore after hours? 

We have limited seats to 24 people – to make this event about the community but also to retain the sense of intimacy found in a friendly dinner party – and we are sold out (WOOHOO)! If you weren't able to get a ticket, or I've attracted your interest now that tickets are already sold out (sorry), be on the look out for future Pen to Plate Dinners here at The Bookshelf. Remember to check out our Facebook page, or stop in the store, to learn about any of our other fun October events - and come out to First Friday this week featuring Dog-Eared Creations!

Wishing you well, and hoping to see you this Thursday!,