In which books have healing powers.

a note from the american booksellers association. 

"President-elect Trump, Secretary Clinton, and President Obama have all indicated that the time to unite our country is now, and there is no better place than within the walls of a bookstore for that process to begin.”

- Oren Teicher

We see all kinds of people come through the doors of our bookstore every day. That's just the way we want it. It has long been my goal to be a safe haven for readers of every shape, size, and color, and so really, I have nothing eloquent to add to Oren Teicher's statement. To me, bookstores are a place where we can come together and exchange ideas safely. Books are portals to other places and ideas; they help us see issues from another person's point of view. They make us more empathetic, more kind, and goodness knows, our world could use empathy and kindness right now. 

So, regardless of your political views or where you find yourself this week, I hope you'll stop in The Bookshelf. I hope you'll come browse the shelves and find comfort in speaking with our staff, in finding just the right book for where you are right now. We're here for you. 

(And those books up there? They're my favorites to read whenever I'm feeling a little uncertain. Maybe you'll like them, too.) 

- Annie