Christmas in Thomasville

Christmas is in the air in Downtown Thomasville, and it's a special week here as well. If you're native to Thomasville, then you know how exciting this weekend is, but if you're from out of town, then I encourage you to come out and partake in the special event this weekend: Victorian Christmas. Every year, Downtown Thomasville turns back time to celebrate Christmas in the spirit of its historical roots, and it is a hit with people from near and far. There is always an abundance of activities for the young and the old, and most of the downtown businesses stay open late as well. The Bookshelf will be open until 9PM on December 8th and 9th - this Thursday and Friday - to better accommodate the late crowd that will be celebrating Thomasville's Victorian Christmas.

We've also brought a new HOLIDAY SHELF SELECTION for our shoppers - available both online and in store for $90 - which is a specially curated selection of holiday themed books and gifts perfect for any loved one, office colleague, or if you want to treat yourself (we're fond of treating ourselves). So we encourage you to come and visit us at The Bookshelf, and see just why we're a great community gathering place within Downtown Thomasville. And, if you really enjoy your weekend of holiday shopping with us, feel free to click on the link below and vote for The Bookshelf in the 6th annual Indie Awards! Our business will gain great recognition within the small business community, along with a well deserved prize that will help us provide an even better environment for our customers.

See you at Victorian Christmas this Thursday and Friday! - Madelyn