Tuesday Tips

Happy Third Day of Summer, friends!

   I hope none of you have melted yet. We at The Shelf are certainly trying our best not to as well. In light of the heat being as intense as it has been (oddly enough with the exception of the First Day of Summer), I thought I would take a minute to give you guys some ideas on how to outlast the longest season we in South Georgia experience.

1. Hydrate!

   It probably obvious, but the more water you drink, the less exhausted your body feels from all that sweating. You can even make it fun by freezing cucumbers and mint or fresh squeezed lime into ice cubes to add a refreshing dash of flavor.

2. Dust off the sprinkler.

   I know it sounds silly, but you're never too old to rediscover the joy of running around in a sprinkler. Trust me, you're missing out if the last time you did you were about two feet shorter. It's refreshing, and doing something childlike is incredibly freeing!

3. Give up the layers.

   Fashionable or not (shout out to my ladies AND my gentlemen), layers are stifling this time of year and before you know it, all you can think about is whether or not your coworker can tell you've been sweating all day. Keep it simple! No one said looking nice and professional had to be complicated.

4. Take a weekend off and explore!

   If the heat really is too much, go away for a weekend. I've always found that when I'm not in my usual day to day habits, I don't even notice the temperature. And weekend trips are actually a lot more manageable than most people think! It doesn't have to be expensive, just make an adventure out of it. Trust me, it helps.

5. Lastly, visit your local bookstore.

   Not only is it fun and educational, but throwing yourself into a new book, whether fiction or not, can only ever be a good thing that transports you to a new world. The treasures you find on the shelves can bring joy whether you're on the beach or in the air conditioning. Either way, summer reading is beneficial, and quite fun if we do say so ourselves.

  So what are your favorite ways to combat the heat?

All the best,


Kathryn ArwoodComment