Shelf Recommendations: Galentine's Day Books

Leslie Knope once said that Galentine's Day is the best day of the year. We have to agree. It is a day filled with chocolate and appreciating your gal pals. Here at The Bookshelf, we think it is important to set aside time for Galentine's Day festivities. If you've watched Parks and Rec, you know that Galentine's Day is on February 13th and it is all about treating yourself and hanging out with your besties.  In order to get ready, we have created a list of book recommendations that Leslie Knope would definitely approve of. Make sure to make it out to our Galentine's Day this Friday (2/10) from 6-8pm. We will see you there, you beautiful tropical fish! 

The ultimate Galentine's List 


Sisters in Law: How Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World by Linda Hirshman

Leslie Knope supports strong women paving their way and making waves in the American government. That's why this book is given our Galentine's seal of approval. This book follows the relationship between Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first and second women to serve as justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. This dual biography will definitely inspire women of all ages. 

Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Irin Camron & Shana Knizhnik

It's time for more of the notorious RBG, that's Ruth Bader Ginsburg! This book earns the Galentine's seal of approval for representing a strong female leader and for its fun, quirky nature. This book follows the life of RBG and her trailblazing accomplishments as a Supreme Court Justice. She is a strong, fierce woman who always stands up for what she believes in; Leslie would approve. 

funny girl by Nick hornby

This novel, set in London in the 1960s, follows the story of the fearless Sophie Straw and her adventures transitioning into television stardom. A hilarious novel with a charming cast of characters that are sure to delight you. Leslie Knope loves to surround herself with funny, genuine friends and you can too! 

All the single ladies by Rebecca Traister

Leslie Knope is all about recognizing the accomplishments of trailblazing women, and that is why this nonfiction book is on our list. Rebecca Traister investigates late-married and unmarried American women who have changed our nation economically, socially, and politically. Covering events from abolition to secondary education, this book is sure to motivate and captivate audiences. Girl power! 

boss life: Surviving my own small business by Paul Downs

Leslie Knope is all about being independent and following your dreams. In this book, Paul Downs discusses the ups and downs of owning your own small business. Incredibly insightful, this book is sure to spark your interest and hold your attention. Downs discusses all aspects of owning his own business and emphasizes the focus of his business, the people. Perfect for individuals who own their own business or are considering opening one!

Daring Greatly: How the courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brené Brown

Leslie Knope would agree that vulnerability is not a weakness, but a strength. Being vulnerable can help us create meaningful relationships and push us out of our comfort zone. Through her twelve years of research on vulnerability, Dr. Brené Brown has helped readers transform their relationships and leadership skills. 

The Localist: Think Independent, Buy Local, and Reclaim the American Dream by Carrie Rollwagen

The story of one buy-local blogger who transformed into a woman entrepreneur and avid shop-local advocate. Leslie Knope is all about making the American dream a reality by taking charge. As we know, Leslie loves her city of Pawnee, and Carrie Rollwagen showed her love for her town by shopping locally for an entire year. She saved money and connected with her community on a level she didn't know was possible. She even opened her own shop, Church Street Coffee & Books. For all you lady bosses out there, this book is a must-read! 

Big Bad BreakfastThe Most Important Book of the Day by John Currence

If there is one thing that Leslie loves more than Pawnee, it is waffles.  Ron Swanson once said, "there is no sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food." John Currence is one of the most beloved chefs in the South. This book is something to get your hands on if you want to do breakfast right. From Banana-Pecan Coffee Cake to Spicy Boudin and Poached Eggs, this recipe book will not disappoint.

Happy CitY: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design by Charles Montgomery

Charles Montgomery looks into the relationship between happiness and urban living. This book connects, research involving psychology, neuroscience, and Montgomery's own urban experiments. This is perfect for your gal pal who wants to learn more about the impact of urban settings on happiness. Truly an interesting read that will change the way you look at urban planning and public transportation. 

Galentine's DaY: 20 Hand-Drawn Cards to Tear, Color and Share with Your Favorite LadieS by Eva Marie Taylor 

Do you want to give your gal pals a cute card this Galentine's day? This is the perfect book for you. Show your lady friends how much you appreciate them on the best day of the year!

- Maddie


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