Shelf Recommendations: Orange You Glad You Love Books?

It's officially Spring! We decided to start the season off some fantastic books that have orange covers. We know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but these picks are gorgeous and great reads! 

a Separation by katie kitamura

A young woman decides with her consistently faithless husband that they should separate. However, they are unable to reveal their separation to their friends and family. This is complicated when he goes missing in Greece and she needs to fly across the world to find him. Through her search, she finds she knows less about the man she used to love than she thought possible. This novel is gripping and will leave you reading until the last page. 

lucky boy by Shanthi sekaram

The story of one boy, Ignacio, who is spilt between two loving mothers. His biological mother, eighteen-year-old Solimar, is bright and optimistic as she embarks on a dangerous mission across the United State-Mexico border. When she is placed in an immigration detention facility, her son is put under the care of Kavya. Kavya is a beautiful woman from Berkley who is successful in her work and marriage. Unfortunately, she had been struggling with starting a family. So, when she has Ignacio under her loving care, she becomes the mother she always wanted to be. This is a beautiful story of two women and one boy who is everything to them. 

this is how it always is by Laurie Frankel 

Claude is five years old and he is the youngest of five brothers. He loves to eat peanut butter sandwiches and dreams of being a princess. When he grows up, he wants to be a girl. His parents, Rosie and Penn, support Claude and want him to be whoever he wants to be. However, they keep this secret amongst the family, until one day it is revealed to the world. This is a novel about family, love, acceptance, dreams. transformations, fairy tales, and the difficulty of change. This is a beautiful novel you should put on your to-be-read. 

perfect little world by Kevin Wilson

Izzy met Dr. Preston Grind after she graduated from high school. Izzy was pregnant with her art teacher's child. She knows she will be a good mother but is struggling with money and family support. Dr. Grind is a child psychologist and has been formulating a new study that he thinks Izzy will be interested in. He wants to create the 'perfect little world.' His experiment would require parents to raise their children collectively without revealing who their biological parents are. Throughout the experiment, Izzy begins to form feelings for Dr. Grind, which makes her question her participation in the study. A unique novel about love and family. 

autumn by Ali Smith

Autumn is a rich and beautiful novel about the meaning of worth in our lives. This is her first installment in her Seasonal quartet. In these four novels, Smith will be exploring themes of identity, connection, change. A story of aging. time, love throughout the years. 

infinite home by Kathleen Alcott

Edith, a widow, rents her Brooklyn apartment to people in need of shelter. Her tenants are struggling to navigate their lives, struggling spiritually, physically, and mentally. The apartment building is a sanctuary for Edith and her residents, but as she gets older, her son threatens to evict her from the building. A story of the strong relationships between strangers and the unlikely bond built between them. 

Have a wonderful day and happy reading!