We've been singing Martina

McBride’s “Independence Day” around the shop these last few weeks, and it’s not because we love 1990s-era country music. (Although, now that I think of it, I guess we do?) It’s because we’re getting ready for the third annual Indie Bookstore Day, a nationwide celebration of independently-owned bookstores held the last Saturday in April. 
Next to Small Business Saturday, Indie Bookstore Day is probably our biggest day of the year, and not just in terms of sales. We’ve been busy planning a fun-filled schedule with events and activities for the whole family, from 10 a.m. until we close at 8 p.m. Plus, this year’s Indie Bookstore Day happens to land on Rose Festival weekend, which means we’ll have a little booth out at Art in the Park, too. 
Here’s the truth of the matter: Our little shop wouldn’t exist without you and your support. Across the country, indie bookstores are thriving, and their numbers are improving, despite Amazon and other big box stores. But I think indie bookstores are doing best in small towns like ours, in towns where shopping locally still matters, where customers feel like family, and where small businesses grow better together. 
Indie Bookstore Day, then, is really for you. Sure, it’s fun to plan special events, and, of course, we’d be open on a spring Saturday anyway. But Indie Bookstore Day is our chance to say thank you. It’s our way of celebrating our very existence, which is due entirely to you. You choose to host your book clubs with us. You buy your birthday presents here. You bring your children to story time. Every day, you make the choice to buy from our bookstore, and that means the world, especially as businesses get bigger and choices seem infinite.
You have made my dreams come true, so it’s only natural I’d want to throw a party in your honor. You’re invited to Indie Bookstore Day on Saturday, April 29. We’ll be open all day and into the evening, with different festivities planned for each hour. A basic rundown is below so you can plan your day accordingly. 
And, because Indie Bookstore Day isn’t just about us, we’re encouraging you to shop both with us and with Tallahassee’s independent bookstore, Midtown Reader, all weekend long. Pick up an Indie Bookstore Day passport from our shop or from Midtown Reader, then shop locally in downtown Thomasville and midtown Tallahassee to earn prizes; we’ll draw winners at the close of the weekend’s events. 
Thanks for all you do to keep The Bookshelf running. I’d like to think together, we’re making Thomasville an even better place to live.

All day events include a literary scavenger hunt, special merchandise, and discounts!

10 a.m. – Free Grassroots Coffee to first 30 customers
11 a.m. – Secret Garden story time featuring cast members from TOSAC’s “Secret Garden,” plus a craft with Emily from You’re Maker
1 p.m. – Lucy & Leo’s cupcake giveaway
2 p.m. – Book signing with Georgia author Mike Brown, Sanctuary
3 p.m. – Color your own postcard with designs from Lindsay of Pen and Paint
4 p.m. – Portraits-on-Demand of favorite literary characters by Hunter McLendon
5 p.m. – Happy hour featuring literary-inspired drinks
6 p.m. – Date night at The Bookshelf featuring local musician Mars
7 p.m. – Literary trivia night