Shelf Recommendations: Summer Reads

This month we've been creating new endcaps to showcase recommendations we are sure you'll love! This week we want to recommend some gripping summer reads that will keep you turning the page. We think every season is perfect for reading, but there is something about summer that makes lounging with a good book so much better. Happy reading!  

If you're in a need of a memoir, this is a perfect pick! Alyssa Mastromonaco is the former White House Deputy Chief of Staff. Mastromonaco worked with former President Obama for over a decade. She worked alongside him even before his run for President. This memoir is full of funny stories and anecdotes about her time working in the White House. She recounts some of her most historic events, as well as, revealing her less-than-perfect moments while a part of the White House Staff. In addition to these must-read stories, Mastromonaco discusses some tips on how she succeeded in her political and personal journey, especially in regards to being the first woman to hold her position. Truly a remarkable read. 

A recent nonfiction release, The Radium Girls, is a historical narrative of the women who worked in the radium-dial factories during WWI. At these factories, they painted clock faces with this new substance. At this time, these women were told this substance was safe. So, they became the "Shining Girls," glowing head-to-toe in the glowing dust. There were viewed at the luckiest women amongst factory workers. However, the women began to fall ill and what followed was one of the biggest workers scandals in American history, which spurred a demand for worker's rights.   

Don Tillman is a professor of genetics. He also has never been on a second date. He has convinced himself that he is not wired to making romantic connections with women, or social connections with anyone for that matter. However, an acquaintance tells him we would be a perfect husband, so he devises the Marriage Project, in order to find the love of his life. His plans are derailed when he meets Rosie, who is searching for her biological father. Don decides to help with the Father Project. The Rosie Project is heartwarming and hilarious. A definte contemporary read that's perfect for the beac.  

In 1945, Claire Randall and her husband are on their second honeymoon after the war. Claire was a combat nurse during the duration of the war while her husband worked as an officer. They take a trip to the Scottish Highlands and their honeymoon takes a strange turn when Claire finds herself transported through the standing rocks back in time. Claire walks out of the ancient circle into 1743 and she needs to navigate the Scottish Highlands. She is catapulted in a time that is divided by war and she is trying to stay alive. She meets Jamie Fraser, a Scottish warrior, who is taken by her headstrong personality and her medical capabilities. What occurs next is a love story that will make your heart sing and tears to fill up in your eyes. If you're looking for an adventurous romance this is perfect (I definitely recommend this even if you don't like romance novels!!). 

If you're a fan of science fiction or a reader that couldn't get enough of the show Stranger Things, this is the book for you! Before Jason Dessen is abducted he hears the question, "Are you happy with your life?" When he wakes up, his is thrown into a new reality where his wife is no longer his wife and his son does not exist. In this reality, he is a renown genius that has achieved the unimaginable. Is this new life worth the loss of his family? Jason must try to get back to the family he loves. During this terrifying journey, he must confront the worst parts of himself. This is the perfect summer read! 

If you're looking for a mystery/crime thriller this is your book! Tana French has created the gripping Dublin Murder Squad series and in her first book, she creates a mystery like no other. The novel begins in a small Dublin suburb in 1984. When all the mothers call to their children to return home, three children do no return. After the police arrive, they find one of the children terrified and gripping a tree. He has blood-filled sneakers and can't recall the previous events. This child, Rob Ryan, grows up to work for the Dublin Murder Squad and twenty years later, he still keeps his past a secret. However, when a twelve-year-old girl is killed in those same woods, Ryan must use the hazy memories from his past to help guide him through his investigation. This book is chilling and atmospheric.