Carson's Corner: Follow Me Back

Have you ever been obsessed with a celebrity before? Or have you ever had someone obsessed with you? Tessa has a phobia of leaving her room, and tweeting all about celebrity-singer Eric Thorn is basically the only social interaction she has. Eric Thorn, on the other hand, is sick of his record label’s binding contract and the fangirls who say they love him even though they don’t know him. @EricThornSucks, a mysterious Twitter account, attacks Tessa on Twitter and claims the celebrity is not as great as everyone thinks. An unlikely friendship forms between the two, but secrets online tend to spill and could lead to a mysterious ending. I thought the characters were very well developed, and I enjoyed their interactions. If you’re a mystery lover, good luck trying to figure out what haunts Tessa outside her room. This book was so good, I literally read it in a day. With romance, mystery, and danger, be ready to retweet this thriller!