In which we want to mail you books

Even during our slower seasons, we're always racking our brains for new ways to make The Bookshelf even better. And although we've actually got quite a few fun new projects up our sleeves, the one we're most excited about is launching today.

Introducing our "Shelf Subscription," a book-a-month service provided by The Bookshelf staff. 

We've actually always sold book-a-month club packages, albeit quietly. Each month, I'd send off a dozen or so hand-picked choices to readers all over the country. I'd send them a favorite book based on a survey they had filled out online, and even though it was fun to wander the store and select books based on a customer's personal tastes (it's what we do best!), it quickly became apparent we'd need something a little different if we ever wanted to grow. I also felt a little selfish, limiting the selections to books I chose. Our staff has such great taste in books, and I really wanted a way to showcase that, particularly as the list of long-distance customers continues to grow.

Our Shelf Subscription will feature our favorite, new released titles each month, based on selections made by Bookshelf staffers. Magali, Ashley, Chris, Madison, Kate, and I have selected our favorite books for each month, and you'll be able to select which staffer's favorite you'd like shipped to your door. (This would make an excellent gift -- can you imagine the joy of getting a surprise book in your mail each month?!)

Members can sign up for 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions; all you have to do is let us know which staffer your tastes are most like. Not sure? All the information you need about each of us can be found here. If you're still on the fence, never fear: We've got a "surprise" option, where each month we'll send you the book we think is most like your personal tastes.

We know there are so many "book of the month" clubs you could join, but we hope you'll consider supporting ours. The Bookshelf staff is so excited about their choices; we've all already made our selections through the end of this year, and we can't wait to send you books we've handpicked as our personal favorites for each month. 

If you've still got questions, click on over to The Bookshelf website. We have prices listed there, plus information on each staffer's selections (though the books we've chosen will remain a surprise until the start of each month!).

Our first month's selections go out the first week of September, so go ahead and place your orders now. I promise: There are some really excellent new books in the mix, and we can't wait to share them with you. 

In-town friends, we know a book-a-month subscription might seem a little redundant to you, since so many of you shop with us and hear about our favorite new books all the time! So here's a fun local perk: If you purchase a subscription of my (Annie's) choices, you'll be invited to our monthly "Subscription Social" -- a chance to discuss each month's book with fellow subscribers and readers. You'll receive your invitation each month right alongside your book, giving you some incentive to read that month's choice. Click over to read about my personal preferences to see if a subscription might be right for you!