Carson's Corner: The Inconceivable Life of Quinn

THE Inconceivable life of Quinn

Some things are hard to believe, but a pregnant virgin? No one’s heard of that since Biblical times. So when teenager Quinn Cutler becomes pregnant, but doesn’t recall ever having sex, her family starts questioning what might have happened. It puts a strain on Quinn’s relationship with them, on her father’s campaign for Congress, and especially on her relationship with her boyfriend. It doesn’t help that people start to think she’s carrying the next messiah, and the press won’t leave her alone. Quinn finds family secrets and lies in her quest for answers, even supernatural ones that lead her to think, Could she till be a virgin?

I know religious readers might find themselves in conflict with portions of the plot, particularly when characters begin believing Quinn is the next Virgin Mary. But as a Christian mysel, I didn’t think he plot was troubling (only a little strange!), because I kept in mind it was fiction. I would suggest this book for people 13 and up because there was also some use of profanity.  The Inconceivable Life of Quinn was definitely interesting, and I really liked that the book was written in different characters' points of view. The best part? Throughout this engrossing novel, you’ll be questioning what the truth is till the end.