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Today we bring first-time author t.lewis into the spotlight to answer some questions for us. Her debut novel, ROUGH AND POLISHED: ONE THIEF’S VERSION OF THE TRUTH follows main character Raegan Phillips Bernardini who decides to spend her life with a devil-may-care attitude that finds her stealing diamonds for her father’s business; that is, until Daniel comes about. As for the author of this book, her story is in the answers below :)

1. Walk me through what a typical day looks like for you.

Let’s see, a typical day starts out taking care of my two rescue dogs, then off to work at the salon. I’m pretty boring honestly. I write in a very inconsistent manner. I just have to be feeling it I guess.

2. Why did you choose your name to be t.lewis?

I chose t.lewis because for no particular reason I’ve signed my name that way when corresponding with friends for years so it seemed natural.

3. Did you have any books or authors that inspired you to write ROUGH AND POLISHED?

I don’t really have any particular author that I follow. I usually read autobiography’s or non-fiction. I end up falling into a rabbit hole when it comes to reading, following references in each book until I find myself scratching my head as I try to understand something a bit out of my league. I’ve been writing since I can remember, as early as the first grade, when I made a book from plain paper cut in quarters and stapled together. “Rough and Polished” developed after a friend of mine asked me to write a story she had in mind. It started out being based on her idea, blood diamonds, but then took on a life of its own, as books tend to do.

4. What pieces of yourself do you see in your main character, Reagan?

I’m sure that there is an ounce of me in every character in the book. I am a nail tech, the same as Rae, and I have been a single mother as well, so there’s certainly some personal knowledge in there. Many people have asked me if I’m describing real life clients of mine in the book, as clients of Rae, and I must say with all honesty that no character in the book was based on any person in real life. Just a mixed bag of personality traits that allowed the characters to find their own development.

5. What do you hope people will take away from your book?

I suppose if I wanted anything to come across in the book or to be considered, it would be the social aspect. It’s a fun and easy beach read, but the real grit of the story is the undercurrent of human behavior. Rae does seem to have a few profound thoughts and wise insights into the lives and norms of her clients. She seems to be studying humans as much as anything. I’m not sure what I’d want a reader to walk away with. Words mean so many different things to different people. I guess I’d just hope that they learned something or maybe paused to consider different perspectives other than their own.

We’re looking forward to having t.lewis in the store this Saturday signing copies of her novel from 2-4 p.m., and maybe answering more questions like what the names of her puppies are or why she chose to write fiction despite her deep interest in non-fiction!

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