Knox McCoy Q&A

This week is pretty special because we will be welcoming host of the Popcast, Knox McCoy to the Bookshelf! As some of you may remember, we hosted his co-host Jamie Golden on Small Business Saturday last year, and we’re seriously looking forward to having the other half of their team in the store—this time, because he published his own book! And, of course, I got the privilege of picking Knox’s brain this past week . . .

1. Any and all of the creative output you make proves your great sense of humor. Is this something you were born with or had to cultivate?

I think about sense of humor in the same way I think about playing the guitar. You can certainly teach yourself the chords and read all the books but just like I believe some musicians are naturally gifted in the ways of playing guitar, so too are some people gifted in speaking the language of comedy. I don’t know that I’m necessarily fluent in humor but it does certainly reflect my worldview. I love making people laugh and I love the intellectual gymnastics of trying to find a way to defy expectation with people so that their response is to laugh.

2. Before you became a professional podcaster, did you have another career path that you were pursuing? Do you ever miss it?

Yes! I was a small business owner but very, very bad at it. Like you don’t even know how bad I was. I was to small business like Kevin’s parents from Home Alone were to attentive parenting. Just not equipped to be in the role. I miss it 0.000 % primarily because most of what I was trying to do was over my head. I suppose technically I’m still a small business owner with what we’re doing at The Popcast Media Group but, I’m much more aware of how our business runs so it isn’t as ominous.

3. Both The Wondering Years and The Bible Binge, the other podcast you host with Jamie Golden, are founded to some extent on the connection between pop culture and the Christian faith. How would you say the character of that correlation is different for each manifestation?

I honestly don’t know if it is different. When I look back and think about writing the book and how we were also simultaneously launching this new show that was about the Bible, I can’t believe no one sat me down and was like, “Maybe chill out a little?” I’m so glad they didn’t though because doing the Bible Binge was so instructive in helping me write The Wondering Years. Certainly for having to deconstruct my faith but also in the process of getting myself mentally ready to be on the public record about myself and what comprised my faith. Going through that for both things was harrowing, but in a really good way, a way that I’m not sure we all are forced to go through that often.

But to the aspect of popular culture, both The Wondering Years and The Bible Binge use pop culture as a prism to better understand more nuanced and complicated things and ideas. In the book, I talk about how this was so beneficial for me, but even more, I think it’s such an untapped resource in finding commonality for people who aren’t intensely pop culture savvy.

4. Are there any random similarities you've seen in raising kids and writing a book?

I’ve never thought about this correlation, but absolutely. You have to be structured but creative, urgent but with patience and you have to be belligerently consistent. A relationship with your kid(s) is just like writing in that you can’t just show up and cram all your good writing into one session. You have to show up regularly and be in the moment to develop that sense of rhythm for both.

5. What is your favorite dish of the holidays? Do you and/or your family have a special recipe for it?

My wife Ashley makes broccoli salad and I freaking love it. I would punch an elderly man over that salad. I wouldn’t go out of my way to strike an elderly man but if someone said, “You have to punch this elderly man or else you’ll never get Ashley’s broccoli salad ever again,” then I would guiltlessly pummel that elderly man. It’s just really, really good.

If you want to hear more from this thoughtful and humorous voice, make sure to get your tickets for the event this Saturday from 6-8 p.m.! They are going for $20, which includes Knox’s book THE WONDERING YEARS (or $10 if you don’t want the book for whatever reason ;)).

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