Carson's Corner: The List

Welcome back to another addition to Carson's Corner! In this blog post, she's reviewed The List by Patricia Forde! Hope you enjoy! 


Have you ever thought about what life would be like if we didn’t have words? The List is set in the future after The Melting, where ice caps melted and land was flooded from all directions, and only one known community is left: rk.

The leader of Ark, John Noa, believes it was words that caused humankind to be nearly destroyed, the words of politicians and other leaders who told people not to worry about the scientists’ growing warnings. Because of this, Noa bans language to only a few hundred words called the List. Letta is a young orphaned girl and apprentice to the wordsmith, the keeper of the List and other forbidden words that aren’t allowed to be used until man can be “trusted” with language again.

But as Letta sees her precious words slip away as Noa bans more and more words and she meets the people who live outside of Ark and Noa’s rules, she begins to wonder about the safe haven wher she’s grown up. As a fan of The Giver, I really liked The List because it focused on the same plot of a government taking away everyday things, except in this novel it’s words rather than color and other freedoms.

With a messed up government system, it’s easy to root for the strong-hearted main character. I just wish the author had spent more time developing Letta and her love interest’s relationship because I believe that it would’ve added more to Letta’s character development


The List is definitely an interesting read that’ll make you appreciate language all the more!