Carson's Corner: She Loves You

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1964, the British Invasion has begun, and Trudy Mixer is ecstatic. Ever since she and her father watched the Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show, Trudy has been caught up in the Beatlemania that was taking the world by storm. Unfortunately, middle school hasn’t treated Trudy so well: her best friend is becoming a cheerleader (ew), the entire school is calling her by her despised real name (Gertrude), and her once cool and attended Beatles fan club has diminished to only 3 members (dare I mention they’re the most unpopular kids in school). Trudy knows the one thing to turn her world back around is to meet Paul McCartney at a Beatles concert in Boston. The only problems about this plan are: 1. How is she going to get there? 2. Once she does, how will she meet Paul McCartney himself? 3. And an unexpected problem, each of the other Beatles Fan Club members she is taking have their own secret agenda.

She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) by Ann Hood was cute and hopeful, perfect for a good summer read. After I finished, I got swept up in Beatlemania myself, albeit just a few decades late. I started listening to all the songs mentioned in the book, and I have to say, I understand where Trudy’s affection is coming from. One of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much was because it mentioned lots of other problems going on in the 60s, like the Vietnam War and such. She Loves You  is  a neat step back in time and readers are able to relate to Trudy and some of the challenges she faces in middle school. Trust me, after reading Ann Hood’s newest novel, you’ll have She Loves You and other Beatles classics stuck in your head.

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