Hi! New Intern here!


Hello beautiful book lovers! My name is Julia Kleser and I am the new Social Media/Events Intern here at The Bookshelf. I am in my final semester at FSU, having spent high school near Tampa, FL and my childhood outside of Portland, OR. But who am I, you ask? My tumblr bio lays it out pretty simply; I am a lover of God, trees, dead languages, and fictional everything. The fiction I most enjoy of course comes in the form of books--from sci-fi to historical fiction, from literary novels to fantasy and YA . . . books are basically my life.

Even before I can remember, my mom would read books to my siblings and I at bedtime. Whenever the Scholastic Book Fair came to my elementary school growing up, my mom would give us a small amount of cash to be spent on books and books alone. To reward us for good grades, she'd take us to a bookstore and tell us to each pick out a book under $10. During long car rides, she would gather books-on-tape to keep us silent and entertained.


In short, books were always going to be a part of who I am, and I would never change a thing about this special environment I was surrounded with as a child--especially considering the crucial role they now have in my life, and have had for last decade at least. It's usually one of the first things people find out about me, and a characteristic I am more than proud to advertise.

Because I know how big of an impact reading can have on a person's life, I want desperately to share that importance, to connect people with the books they don't know they need. It's for this reason I went to FSU in 2015 to pursue a BA in English; Editing, Writing, and Media. My goal was to go into book editing, to help authors give their audiences the books they need. Even still, I would like to maintain this pursuit in one fashion or another, and getting to be a part of the team at the Bookshelf fits seamlessly into that dream, a fact that I am more than excited about.

Stay nerdy!


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