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Community Partnerships



In the fall of 2019, Annie joined dozens of fellow readers for a volunteer program at a local elementary school. Harper Elementary was launching DEAR, a program that invited adults in the the Thomasville community to spend 30 minutes each week reading to a small group of kids on location at their school.

On Tuesday afternoons, Annie (or Olivia!) would make the short trek to Harper, armed with books to read aloud to four smart and adorable third grade girls. Every week, reading aloud to those kids reminded us why we do what we do.

In March 2020, thanks to COVID-19, the program came to an unexpected end, and for the same reason, DEAR was suspended in 2020, too.

We were so sad — it was one more loss in a year full of losses and missed opportunities. But we’re a lemons-to-lemonade kind of institution, so we turned our attentions to a new goal.

We’re partnering with Harper to help expand their school and classroom libraries. Buy a brand new book for Harper here — at a discounted cost! — and we’ll deliver them to the school to begin putting new books in some of our favorite Thomasville kids’ hands.

When it feels like we can’t do much, the truth is — we can. We can do this.

Please use code HARPER to purchase these books at a discount.  Choose Thomasville Store Pickup as your shipping method, and we will deliver the books to Harper Elementary.