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How to Fall Out of Love Madly

By: casale, jana

"Joy and Annie are friends and roommates with decent jobs, crushing student loans, and an extra bedroom in need of an occupant-ideally someone they don't hate. Theo instantly fits the bill, and soon, Joy and Theo are platonically nesting over movie nights and midnight hijinks. When Annie moves out, Joy happily gets to work creating a cozy home for Theo and herself. Then he brings home Celine, a girlfriend he's never mentioned and quite possibly the most perfect woman Joy has ever seen. Joy is soon tying herself in knots trying to maintain her fantasy that she and Theo are meant to be. Annie is worried about Joy, but she has her own troubles. After moving in with her boyfriend, she realizes that she's become an actress constantly performing his approved-of version of herself. Then, when she receives an anonymous letter accusing her brilliant, supportive boss of sexual assault, she is forced to decide who and what she's willing to stand up for. Meanwhile, Celine may look perfect on the outside, but she's wrestling with some inner demons of her own"--

Audience Type:Adults

Publisher:DIAL PRESS

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Publish Date: 08/02/2022


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"Three relatable thirty somethings drive this ode to womanhood. Learning the hard way to love themselves, the women teach invaluable lessons."--People

"Everyone who loves Sally Rooney should be reading Jana Casale!"--Julie Buntin, author of Marlena

Three women confront the compromises they've made to appease the men they love.

Joy and Annie are friends and roommates whose thirty-something lives aren't exactly what they'd imagined. To make ends meet, they decide to rent their extra bedroom to Theo, who charms Joy with his salt-and-pepper hair and adoration of their one-eyed cat. When Annie goes to live with her boyfriend, Theo and Joy settle into a comfortable domesticity. Then Theo brings home Celine, the girlfriend he's never mentioned, who is possibly the most stunning woman Joy has ever seen. Joy resolves to do whatever it takes to hold on to him, falling ever deeper into an emotional hellscape of her own making. She is too obsessed to realize that Celine's beauty doesn't protect her from pain. Haunted by an event from her past, Celine can't escape her shame and finds herself in an endless cycle of self-sabotage.

Annie is baffled by Joy's senseless devotion to Theo, but she's consumed by her own obsessions: she can't stop parsing her commitment-phobic boyfriend's texts in an exhausting mission to maintain his approval. At work, where she fully embraces her natural assertiveness, Annie is a star. But when an anonymous letter lands on her desk accusing her esteemed and supportive boss of sexual misconduct, she is forced to decide who and what she's willing to stand up for.

Perceptive, mordantly funny, and full of heart, How to Fall Out of Love Madly examines women's many relationships--with one another, their mothers, their work, men, and themselves--to reveal their underlying power and complexity. It asks, why do so many smart, compassionate, otherwise empowered women tolerate egregious behavior from the men they love? And what will it take for them to reclaim control?

Publisher: Dial Press
Published Date: 08/02/2022
Binding: Hardcover
Audience Type: Adults
Language: English
Pages: 352
Dimensions: Length: 8.20, Width: 5.80, Height: 1.20
Weight: 1.00