our shelf subscriptions are turning two!


To celebrate our second anniversary, we’ve invited Knox and Jamie from The Popcast — two book experts in their own right — to be guest Bookshelf staffers for the month of September. We love their weekly podcast where they educate listeners on the things that entertain but do not matter, and their green light favorites help us decide what to read, watch, and listen to.

This month, Knox and Jamie have partnered with us to pick their favorite September books for our Shelf Subscription service. Buy their selections separately or tack their picks onto your current subscription. The choice is yours! You have until Tuesday, August 27, to purchase their subscription, and their surprise books will mail out on September 10.



Host Jamie Golden lives in Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoys good movies, even better TV, and Chris Hemsworth represented in both. One time, she was hit by a naked drunk driver on the way home from a Walking Dead party. It was pretty sweet. Jamie’s favorite “green light” books have included An American Marriage, The Nickel Boys, 11/22/63, Everything I Never Told You, and The Mothers.



Host Knox McCoy relocated to Birmingham, Alabama in June 2018. He enjoys movies, football, food, and sleep and prefers them to all be in very close proximity to each other. One time, he saw Common at the airport and talked to him briefly. It was pretty sweet. Knox has also completed his first non-fiction book, The Wondering Years, released 11/13/18 by Thomas Nelson. His favorite “green light” books have included The End We Start From, The Arrangement, Razor Girl, Fates and Furies, and The Dog Stars.