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Here's what you need to know.

The Bookshelf is a Southern independent bookstore with staying power -- she's been a staple in downtown Thomasville for over 30 years. The shop has had a pretty amazing life, and we're just a part of her story. Each staffer you see here is incredibly grateful for The Bookshelf's legacy, and we're all thrilled to play even a small role in her history. 

Never been to the store? Follow our escapades online, plan a trip to Thomasville, listen to our podcast. or shop with us long-distance. We're devoted to and grateful for readers near and far who love our indie bookstore. Your support helps us keep the legacy of The Bookshelf alive. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


Annie B. Jones, Owner 

A Tallahassee native, Annie began living her Kathleen Kelly-dream in 2013, when she took over operations of The Bookshelf. The opportunity was a dream come true. Annie and her husband Jordan now happily call downtown Thomasville home, and Annie spends her days among the books and fellow readers she loves. She adores leading story time for local little ones and acting as the shop's very own Nancy Drew, determined to find just the right book for just the right person. Annie currently co-hosts From the Front Porch, The Bookshelf's weekly podcast about books, small business, and life in the South. (In 2016, Annie was featured as one of Southern Living magazine's 50 innovators changing the South, and The Bookshelf was listed in the top ten of the Independent Small Business of the Year Awards.)



A lifelong Floridian, Ashley moved back home to Tallahassee last year after a stint in Alabama pursuing her degree in English from Faulkner University. Post-graduate life led her to The Bookshelf, where she helps coordinate events and local author signings. When she's not editing an Instagram picture or planning the next in-store workshop, Ashley can be found playing with her dachshunds or taking a trip to her beloved Gulf coast. 


Chris Jensen, Podcast Co-host & Producer

As a veteran bookseller and early-career academic from South Florida, Chris is always around books if not consistently in them as much as he would like to be at the moment. When he's not stuck in a Sisyphean cycle of grading papers or playing cat mom to Arthur and Margery, Chris is a PhD candidate in medieval studies at the Florida State University, and you know him as the co-host for The Bookshelf's podcast, From the Front Porch.




For the past five years, Kate has been combining her love of books and music by pursuing graduate degrees in musicology at Florida State. Originally from England, Kate grew up in Texas and completed a music education degree at Baylor University. She is currently writing her dissertation, while occasionally performing on the clarinet, Renaissance recorder, and crumhorn. Kate reads widely, but some of her favorite book categories include English detective novels, comic books with female leads, and books about books. Kate has a chihuahua named Jack and is a longtime Doctor Who fan.