Welcome to "From the Front Porch," a collection of conversations on books, small business, and life in the South. Each month, we share stories from the shop and happenings from our small town in South Georgia, all recorded from the comfort of Annie's front porch settled among the streets of downtown Thomasville. Follow along our adventures in store ownership, and eavesdrop into quirky conversations from our staff's day-to-day behind the counter. Our topics run the gamut, but we think you'll love listening in on what we have to say.

Behold, our archives.

In Episode One of From the Front Porch, small business owners Annie Jones and Katie Chastain discuss Arianna Huffington's new book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-being, Wisdom, and Wonder.  Learn what Annie's husband Jordan is doing in the backseat of his car over lunch break and how to cut a carrot in peace. Plus, hear about our favorite summer snags from the 'Shelf, including Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown and cool stuff from Ban.do.

This episode on From the Front Porch features Annie's interview with travel writer Jodi Helmer and a discussion of her new book, Farm Fresh Georgia Discover what Annie finds so hard about shopping local (rotting fruit in your refrigerator, anyone?) and how the farm fresh movement is a lot like owning a bookstore. Plus, Jodi gives Annie the scoop on which Georgia farms will let you spend the night and how to shop at a Farmer's Market. From pig farms and corn mazes to tractor pulls and pumpkin patches, Jodi will give you the 411 on Georgia agri-tourism.

In this continuation of Episode 2, Katie and Annie discuss how to properly read a cookbook and whether Pinterest has taken over in the kitchen. Plus, Annie talks about some of her favorite food memoirs.

It's 100 degrees here, which means it's time to dream of beach umbrellas and fruity drinks. In Episode 3 of From the Front Porch, Annie and Katie rattle off their favorite books to bring on summer vacation, but they also debate the age-old question: Do we read for purpose or pleasure (or a little bit of both)? They tackle that oh-so-controversial Slate article, and Annie defends reading YA literature -- in moderation, of course. (Special thanks this episode to our editing + sound guru, TJ Poole, who keeps this little operation afloat. Techies are our BFF.)

Annie sat down with author CJ Hauser to discuss the ups and downs of living in a small town and what it means to be a "from away" (read: someone not from here. Yes, this is an actual, popular phrase). CJ's new novel -- titled, appropriately, The From-Aways -- was one of Annie's favorites of the summer, and CJ's stories of small town life will feel all-too-familiar to fellow small town dwellers. Also mentioned in Episode 4Gilmore Girls, Jan Karon and Mitford, and why your 20s are harder than you thought they'd be.