Jamie's September Subscription

Jamie's September Subscription

from 28.00

To celebrate the second anniversary of our Shelf Subscriptions, we’ve invited Knox and Jamie from The Popcast — two book experts in their own right — to be guest Bookshelf staffers for the month of September. The podcast hosts have each picked their favorite September books for our Shelf Subscription service. Buy their selections separately, tack their picks onto your current subscription, or buy a Knox & Jamie combo (for a total of two books). The choice is yours!

You have until Tuesday, August 27, to purchase their subscription, and their surprise books will mail out with the rest of our subscriptions on September 10.

Jamie’s favorite “green light” books have included An American Marriage, The Nickel Boys, 11/22/63, Everything I Never Told You, and The Mothers.

  • Jamie’s Pick includes one surprise hardcover, first edition book, chosen by Jamie Golden.

  • Jamie’s Pick w/ My Existing Subscription is ONLY for current Shelf Subscription subscribers. It includes Jamie’s pick, plus your regular monthly selection.

  • Jamie + Knox’s Picks includes two surprise hardcover, first edition books, one chosen by Jamie, and one chosen by Knox.

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