The Wondering Years by Knox McCoy

The Wondering Years by Knox McCoy


We’re pretty pumped for Knox McCoy, one of the hosts of our favorite podcast (besides our own), The Popcast. His new book releases November 13, and now you can order if from your favorite indie (that’s us).

In The Wondering Years, Knox explores the idea of connecting popular culture to his own experiences. Through hilarious yet poignant stories, he reflects on how pop culture has helped shape his life and carve out the foundation of his faith. While the three cultural tentpoles—the South, the Church, and Sports—defined many aspects of his East Tennessee upbringing, it was pop culture that most definitively influenced Knox and his sense of the world at large.

Through books, television, music, and movies, Knox found many of the answers he was searching for about God and the universe and why we are all here. The Wondering Years is a hilarious look back at the key influences that shaped Knox’s formative years and his faith, a reminder of our own encounters with pop culture that have shaped each of our formative years and continue to influence us today. 

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