Surprise Pick by Anne Bogel

Surprise Pick by Anne Bogel


SOLD OUT! But never fear: You can always order a Shelf Subscription with a book picked by one of our book-savvy staff. Are you a long-distance fan of Anne Bogel, but can’t make it to our Shelf Help event? Never fear. Purchase a “surprise” from Anne, and fill out the questionnaire at checkout. She’ll pick a book for you during our event, and we’ll ship it out from our store in Thomasville the week of June 11.

We’re thrilled to offer this option to long-distance customers (or friends who will be out-of-town the day of the event!), but for your convenience and ours, there are no returns, exchanges, or refunds for Anne’s selection. In the words of our favorite kindergartners, “You get what you get, and you don’t care a bit!”

Your surprise pick purchase includes a copy of one paperback title.

The deadline to order a Surprise Selection from Anne is June 1, so act fast!

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